Scum of the Earth

There are at least 2 bands by the name "Scum of the Earth". 1. SotE for short, is a band formed by former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs. The band also features Ivan DePrume (ex White Zombie), Mike Tempesta (ex Powerman 5000), Clay Campbell and drummer Seven. The current touring lineup consists of Riggs, Laudo on drums, and Floyd on bass. The bands debut album, "Blah... Blah... Blah...: Love Songs for the New Millennium", is built around high-propulsion riffs, mechanized beats, growling vocals and horror film soundbytes. Throughout, songs like the carnivalesque "Get Your Dead On" and the surging "I Am the Scum" illustrate the type of dynamic, granite-solid musicianship Riggs exhibited for six years with Zombie. "I'm really proud of the work I did with Rob, so I don't mind being compared to him. As long as people don't say Scum sounds like something that sucks" Riggs jokes. "But I did want to do things a little different, so I threw on a couple of acoustic songs that I've had around forever, 'Little Spider' and 'Give Up Your Ghost' so it's not all in-your-face, bash, bash, bash." Most of the songs on "Blah... Blah... Blah..." were written by Riggs over the past decade, and stored on his computer for a stormy night. Then, when Rob Zombie decided to put his music career on hold to focus on making horror movies, Riggs found himself with extra time on his hands and Scum of the Earth was born. Check out the band at or on Myspace at http://www.myspace....

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