Skream is the electronic music producer and DJ Ollie Jones from Croydon, South London. One of dubstep's first and most prominent producers, he is often hailed as the 'ambassador' of the genre. Most famous outside the dubstep community for his crossover hit 'Midnight Request Line' released in 2005 on Tempa, he continues to churn out classics at an amazing rate, including his 'Skreamizm' vinyl series and a self-titled album, both also on the seminal Tempa record label. As well as releasing bad-boy tunes on other labels such as Big Apple (also the name of the shop where Dubstep was founded by Hatcha, Youngsta, Skream and a select few others) and Tectonic (Bristol resident and long-time dubstep devotee Pinch's label), 2008 marked the launch of Skream's own label 'Disfigured Dubz', introducing new artists such as Kulture and Late. ABOUT S K R E A M FROM TEMPA [ ] Meet Skream: Croydon's musical wonderkid. At 15 he discovered making music. Five years later he's changed the course of UK urban music, having helped build the foundations of London's most exciting new musical style, dubstep. But he's barely started yet: because right now, Skream is an artist on fire. Skream's story begins in Croydon, in secondary school year 11. He wasn't getting on with teachers and they weren't getting on with him: but he was getting on with his music. But two friendships cemented then would start him onto the path to musical success. First he met Benga, another tal...

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